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Looking to buy that ultimate luxury property?
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Then you've come to the right place - Unusualhomes.co.uk
A great site for potential homebuyers looking for amazing places to live!

Unusualhomes.co.uk advertise a wide range of unusual property and unique homes for sale including renovation projects, luxury houseboats, castles, islands, railway conversions, chapel conversions, barn conversions, eco/modern homes, period property, stately homes, windmill conversions, windmills & watermills and many more. Links to important information to help you self-build your unique home with unusual style!

With an array of resources for buying and selling alternative properties, Unusualhomes.co.uk is the web's ultimate portal for luxury and unique houses.


For a limited time, UnusualHomes.co.uk is providing the option to SELL YOUR UNIQUE HOME FOR FREE including all unique homes, unusual properties, boats, land and more. So if you have a windmill, church, converted barn, period property, old schoolhouse, nuclear bunker or anything unique or unusual to sell - list it here free today!

Featured Converted Railway Station House - SOLD - £699,000
Featured Wray Common Windmill - SOLD - £995,000
Featured Land With Planning and Lobster Ponds/Farm - SOLD - £150,000


Canalside Properties - For Peanuts!

Canalside properties and waterfront homes often command a massive premium in the property market. However, there are cheaper ways to live near the water, if you are prepared to be slightly creative with your property purchase.

A couple back in 2004 bought a toilet block by the beach in Norfolk and spent a mere £85,000 renovating it into a luxury two bedroom home. Auctions are fantastic places to grab a bargain if you are prepared to put the work in. There are plenty of interesting properties around and with a bit of imagination make fantastic places to live.

Houseboats are a fantastic way to live on the water, have a room with a view and plenty of space for the same price as a bedsit in the capital. Furthermore if you are willing to put in some time and effort in refurbishing, then your budget be cut even further...


Luxury Villas With A Difference..

Luxury villas can be found all over the world in every different shape and size. Some are individual designs with personal touches, others more established traditional dwellings with character. There is of course one more category..the unusual.

Unique and unusual luxury homes, although more difficult to find, often have curiously designed spaces to cater for their demanding and eclectic buyers. For instance, the Microsoft mogul himself opted for a 'batcave' design for his $12.3 billion dollar luxury home.

We take a look at some of the more interesting luxury villas and the amazing modifications, gadgets, conversions and elaborate designs some homeowners are willing to go to get what they want. Come on the tour and discover some truly incredible villas...



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