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Address: Schlossplatz 1, Schochwitz Saxony-Anhalt
Price: £850,000
Beds: 20
Status: SSTC

Full Description: SOLD - 06198 Schochwitz Tel.: +49 34609 23438 Heated Floor Space: 26,910 Square Feet Land: 1.05 Acres Schochwitz Castle Back to Home Page In 1133 Schochwitz is mentioned in old documents for the first time. In 1142 Gero of Socowice has taken part in negotiations in Magdeburg. 1144 Gero, Ulrich and Hugold Schogowitze (or also Sochwitze) are mentioned in court records and Bodo of Schochewice in an arrangement of the cloister on the Peter's mountain. 1147 Three Schochwitz brothers and their father fought in the second crusade. Only one brother return with the father. 1185 Last of the Schochwitz noblemen, Edelherren von Schochwitz, died. To 1267 the family of Edlen von Friedeburg (a family of low nobility) sat in a so-called ministerial position with official rights and official fiefs. 1256 Construction of the brigade Church: here were church, school and parish used to be a common land (according to the church chronicles). The project would use the same architect as the Hallesche Mary's Church, have 1.75 m thick stone walls from the Wehlitzer mountains, and be dedicated to St. Benedict. 500 monks were recruited not only to pray, but also to work. 1254 - 73 was the awful time after the crusades the nobles were stripped of power and local disputes started. In the Schochwitz territory many battles took place: Duke Albrecht von Braunschweig, The Prince of Anhalt, and the counts of Landsberg and Wettin were in dispute. The area took years to recover. 1461 The family Rammelburg was in posession of Schochwitz Castle. 1495 Andreas Fesicke bought the property from the Rammelbergs. In 1565 the family von der Schulenburg inherited the Castle Schochwitz from Andreas Fesickes. Around 1601, Lewin von der Schulenburg began additional construction to aid in the defense of the castle. He added additional walls, a mote, and a drawbridge. Bastion-like corner towers and ramparts were also added. This additional work was completed in 1606. Later the ramparts were removed and the mote and drawbridge replaced by a stone bridge. The Schulenburgs incidentally, are an ancient noble family of Prussian origin and included many high-ranking military and government officials. By marriage, the family von der Schulenburg had close contacts with the family of Alvensleben which also had great influence in the region. In 1783 Gebhart von Alvensleben purchased Castle Schochwitz from the Schulenburgs. During the Third Reich, the castle was managed by Ludolf-Hermann von Alvensleben. Alvensleben was an SS group leader, Lieutenant-General of the German Police, a member of Nazi party parliament, and a close friend of Heinrich Himmler. For a short time, he was also head of the 1933 Mansfelder Seekreises. Today Schochwitz is a picturesque and crime-free village of about 1500 citizens. Centered in the village common, Castle Schochwitz is now owned by Countess Ingrid Zerfowski and her husband Jimmy Welsh. Healing Castle Schochwitz is a new center of retreat in the rural district Saalekreis in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt. The Castle is a Guesthouse and Retraet Center The castle is now completely restored and can be used for meetings of people from all over the world who are interested in spirituality and in learning from and sharing each other�s experiences. Internationally known visionaries, therapists and healers will give lectures, seminars and courses to encourage us to live a more spiritual and balanced life with the aim of sharing and extending our knowledge and working together.

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